Health Checks Free Survey

Style operates a FREE, no obligation, service to check and survey your movable walls or folding partitions. No matter whose make, age or size, Style will send a trained engineer or surveyor to your site to check your operable wall and highlight any current or potential problems. We also provide a full report including a video or photographs of any issues (where necessary).

If any work is needed, we provide a competitive quotation with full costs for repairs or a service contract for your consideration. Any repair or service work undertaken comes with a full 12-month warranty/guarantee as per our standard terms and conditions.

Refurbishment of your Moveable Wall

All Style moveable wall systems in individual panel format (usually 88mm to 100mm thick top hung panels) have been designed so that face boards can be removed and replaced. The face boards usually have a chipboard or MDF core which can be damaged if moved incorrectly, or if obstacles are pushed into the panel faces such as chairs or trollies.

You may want to just replace one board, however if the interior design of the building is being rejuvenated and re-styled you may require all of the face boards to be changed. Even adding wipe clean marker boards.

Other makes and types of acoustic folding walls are also usually designed to have face boards removed, and Style’s engineers would be happy to advise what is possible based on the type of moveable wall you have. Our manufacturing plant stocks a huge range of melamine, laminate, veneer or picture-faced boards for you to choose from. Please contact our specialist team at your nearest Style Regional Office.

Operator Induction Training

Style can offer training on the operation of your acoustic moveable wall or partition to make sure it is being handled safely and correctly. This can be undertaken Free of Charge at the time of a service or repair. We have found that the biggest single factor for needless repairs on large sites is down to operator misuse and untrained staff. It is very important that Induction Training is given to all staff who will be responsible for operating your moveable wall. A dividing wall that is operated properly will reduce the need for repairs. Where sites have a high turnover of staff we strongly recommend training is frequently provided and records logged. Please contact our specialist team at your nearest Style Regional Office.

Operation Manual 

For all products supplied and installed by Style, we have an operations manual. Our operation manuals provide advice and instruction on how to operate your moveable wall correctly and safely, and look after the system once installed. This helps preserve the wall’s integrity, warranty and ease of operation.

Relocation of Your Moveable Wall

Moveable walls can be relocated if you are moving your business, re-designing your space or adding panels or doors within your existing dividing wall system. This can save a considerable cost. Ceiling tracks can be left in situ and new ones fitted to save on structural costs. This is a much cheaper option than providing a completely new system. If you are thinking of having this carried out, our engineers will advise and help with the layout and detailed drawings. Please contact your nearest Style Regional Office.

Spares and Replacement Parts

Some parts, such as operating handles and keys, can be sent direct in the post but we would always recommend that any operational part or component is correctly fitted by our trained engineers.

Our engineers carry many replacement parts in their vans for our own products, and we would always attempt to fit these during a routine service rather than charge for a return visit.

We have a warehouse with a full range of replacement moveable wall parts and if special components are needed that are not stocked we can usually obtain these from our manufacturing plants within 48hours. If your operable wall is an old obsolete system, we have a specialist engineering firm who can manufacture a replacement part and provide the necessary load testing certificate where applicable.