Care Centre
Moveable Wall

Care Centre
Moveable Wall

Broken motor quickly replaced by Style’s service team.

At a specialist care centre, 24-hour support is provided to residents who benefit from a range of services, including nursing and dementia care. 

The moveable wall is vital to the care centre, enabling staff to change the space for different activities on a daily basis. 

If the wall is out of use, it can cause problems very quickly. Concurrent activities can no longer be run in the same room, and are either canceled or relocated at short notice.

Their DORMA Moveo moveable wall system, installed by Style, is supported under a service agreement, giving the care centre peace of mind.

When an untrained member of staff tried to move one of the panels while the top and bottom seals were fully engaged to the floor and ceiling, the excessive force caused the carrier stem to twist and jam in the track. This resulted in the motor breaking under the pressure.

Style’s technicians were quickly on site to diagnose the problem and, while in most cases the motor could be changed without removing the panel from the track, the engineers decided that, because the carrier had jammed, they would find out if it needed to be replaced or straightened. 

Style is the exclusive UK partner for all DORMA’s moveable wall products. Our technicians have been trained to the highest standards and are using genuine DORMA parts.  

“This is a great example of how swiftly we respond to diagnose and repair a damaged moveable wall,” said Sjors Kuijs, Style’s service & aftercare director.

With the wall fully operational again, the centre was able to carry out its varied activities in the room, having faced very minimal disruption.
Our team also used the time on site to carry out further checks, provide training to those members of staff who hadn’t used the wall before, and to carry out a service to ensure it would provide efficient space division for many years to come.”

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