Holiday Inn Express is part of IHG and believes that even the longest journeys are worth it when they bring people together. Whatever the reason for a client’s next connection, they can expect a clean, consistent and comfortable stay at more than 2,700 locations.

As with many hotels, a key part of their offering is providing room hire for meetings, training and events.

Working with Aros Architects and Midas Construction, Style was specified to create flexible space that would enable the hotel to maximise revenue in its meeting rooms.

The perfect solution was a DORMA Huppe Variflex moveable wall with 59dB Rw acoustic integrity. This outstanding operable wall not only offers ease of usage but real privacy when concurrent events are taking place either side.

Offering the facility for hotel staff to divide the room into two separate rooms, or open the space up for larger conferences and gatherings, the Variflex was installed by Style in a classy pearl grey finish which complemented the interior design of the room.

“This is a great example of how to maximise the use of space, and subsequently maximise revenue, by using a moveable wall to deliver an adaptable room configuration,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“On this occasion, we were asked to advise on possible design options from the outset and we were pleased to work with Midas to find the optimum solution.

“The DORMA Variflex is a superb solution for public space because the panels can be easily replaced – for example, if one is damaged or scuffed, or if the interior design of the room changes.

“It means it can be swapped without having to change the entire wall, which offers significant savings over time.

“It is also incredibly simple to operate, and the hotel staff can change the room very quickly to cater for changing use each and every day."