This project was a wonderful opportunity to work on a unique scheme, utilising DORMA Variflex Panels to form space division, but not with the usual requirements of closing areas off or creating acoustic subdivision.

The design concept offered by Architects Faulkner Brown included provision of a flexible exhibition space, allowing the display of artwork on movable wall panels and in varying configurations, with the inclusion of a discreet inset ‘J’ Rail display system built into the panel face.

Central to the design was the construction of a grid track system, using White finished DORMA ‘R’ track. Set against the background of a contemporary ceiling with carefully selected task lighting, creating a stunning visual appearance.

Style provided this client with 14no 1000mm wide panels at 3700mm high running on approximately one hundred linear metres of track providing total flexibility in room configuration. When fully stacked away, the panels neatly closed off the Mirrored feature wall, creating a completely different ambience to the room environment.

The client chose a Laminate finish in Polar white from the DORMA Classic range, with white display rails, this neutral and durable choice, allows the artwork to be the centre of attention, yet blends with the surrounding décor. Despite the challenge of installing head tracks within a 2000mm ceiling void utilising a secure hanging, bracing and anti sway system, Style received the accolade of the best performing contractor on the site and a letter of congratulations from the Site Manager and his team. The project having achieved the ‘four corner stones of perfect delivery’ On time (4 days early), Snag Free, Delighted Client, O&M Manuals delivered on time.The Style commitment to site safety through training and continuous professional development was recognised and commended.