The Centre for Simulation in Healthcare (CSIH) offers Portsmouth University students the opportunity to develop practical skills necessary for working in the health and care-related sciences in a safe, contextual and realistic learning environment.

A key criteria in the simulation centre is to be able to easily alter the use of space to adapt to each day’s teaching, and Style worked directly with Portsmouth University to achieve this.

As this is generally a quiet environment, acoustics was less of a priority yet ease of use was of high importance.

Style proposed its Stylefold 120 manual folding wall, which can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds. This gave the University the flexibility to have one open plan area, 2 large rooms or up to 4 individual teaching rooms at a moment’s notice.

Completed with a beech melamine finish, in keeping with the rest of the room, each folding wall has a pass door as standard, which means they can be left in place and used as traditional rooms until such time as the area needs opening up or reconfiguring.

“Stylefold 120 is very popular when a simple, folding wall is required,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “We see a great deal of demand for this system in village halls, community centres, schools, and churches as its cost-effective, highly practical and very simple to open and close.

“To highlight the diverse nature of Style’s product range, in another part of the same University we installed a DORMA Moveo moveable wall which offers exceptional acoustics and semi-automatic operation – catering for a very different requirement in one of the business centres.”