Highcliffe School helps its students develop essential values for them to care deeply about their education and make the very best of the opportunity it offers.

Just a short walk from the Dorset coast, it aims to develop its young people as unique and remarkable individuals with their own special talents and interests.

With an existing moveable wall in place, Highcliffe school originally made contact with Style to request a visit from its service and repair team to come and inspect a wall that was no longer functioning.

The school wanted an honest assessment as to whether its old moveable wall, that separated the main school hall from a canteen service desk, could be repaired.

Having carried out extensive inspection and testing, Style’s technicians concluded that it was beyond repair and that the best solution would be to install a new, modern folding wall system that would serve the teaching staff and pupils for many years to come.

Agreeing that this was the best way forward, Style worked directly with the school to install a Stylefold 120 folding wall. One of the key benefits of the Stylefold operable wall system is its ease of operation, offering maximum flexibility for the school to use the wall on a day-to-day basis to open the canteen service desk and give the pupils access to the newly installed chiller.

“Our engineers are usually able to repair moveable walls that have fallen into disrepair,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director, “however on this occasion the only option was to install a new folding wall.

“With the new Stylefold 120 operable wall, we carefully matched the interior design of the room with an oak melamine finish and we installed special jamb posts to clear the existing end brick piers.

“While on site, our team also took time to show staff the incredible acoustic technology found in moveable walls. This Stylefold moveable wall has a lab tested acoustic integrity rating of 46dB Rw, and the staff were impressed that exams in the main school hall could be run on one side while kitchen staff prepared for, and tidied up after, the lunch break.”