Worcester is the market leader in domestic heating and hot water systems. It’s a name that stands for reliability, quality, efficiency and value for money. As part of Bosch, Worcester is an important member of a Group that is one of the world’s leading names in high-end technology.

Beyond the reception area at Worcester’s office there is a history of the company with dates on the walls signifying key events, making this a showpiece part of the building. This is an important area for meeting and entertaining visitors, and to make this space flexible, with the ability to open it out into a more expansive public area, Style was commission to work with BBLB Architects and main contractor Speller Metcalfe to provide a movable partitioning wall that would enhance this stunning area which acts as a museum for the business.

Two DORMA Varitrans Moveable Glass Partitions were selected as the ideal solution, offering not only a stunning finish but also the ability to customise the glass with the Worcester Bosch brand. By including a single pass door in each system and overhead self-closing devices meant that this partitioning wall could remain in a fixed position whilst offering ease of access to the meeting area, as well as having the option to open it out completely into one expansive room.

“As well as providing flexibility to divide the space, the main criteria with this installation was to create something stylish, eye-catching and in-keeping with the rest of the reception area,” said Mike Fine, Style’s Director for the Midlands.

“We chose DORMA Varitrans because it is ideal for any type of showroom, and with the history of Worcester running across the main wall of the meeting area the glass movable wall offered the ideal solution by enabling visitors to see through into this area from reception, as well as maximising the light in the room.”

The DORMA Varitrans safety glass range can be fully customised with manifestations for a range of different applications including screen printing, sand-etching and logo placement within the panel faces, helping businesses to communicate with their customers and reinforce their corporate identity.