As a result, the space has to be flexible and modern society churches have to offer adaptability in order to attract revenue.

Within the design of Woking United Reformed Church, movable partitioning walls were an important feature and Style was appointed by architects, Allen Associates, who we have completed various Church projects for in the past. The main contractors were Life Build Solutions.

For the main entrance, DORMA’s glass Varitrans was the best option to separate the foyer from the church itself. This not only offered flexibility, it also made the church visible from the foyer enabling visitors to see if a service or other activity was taking place.

DORMA Variflex split the main hall into numerous separate spaces, allowing the church to host several gatherings at the same time. And DORMA Variplan cordoned off the stage area to allow for private rehearsals, whilst opening out for performances.

“We have a very strong reputation for providing terrific, adaptable and aesthetically pleasing solutions to churches,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director. “And we’re also seen as being extremely respectful to the environment we are working in.

“The final installations not only created flexible space, it also delivered acoustic quality, beautiful finish to complement the design of the church, and the ability for the church to maximise its revenue.”

Ralph Allen from Allen Associates Architects said, “We’ve worked with Style for many years now and can always rely on them to deliver very innovative, desirable and high quality solutions implemented by an experienced and very accommodating team.”