As a student-centred, learning-led university, Gloucestershire University believes that the creation and application of new knowledge is fundamental to its mission.​

Studying at Gloucestershire entails a close-knit, supportive community of staff and students who share many passions, academic interests and goals. 

Gloucestershire University’s desire was to create flexible areas throughout the campus, because with demand for places in this popular university continuing to rise, the requirement for adaptable space was becoming increasingly imperative. 

With this in mind, Style worked with a number of different architects and contractors to create flexible space in the business school, nursing hub and performing arts centre.

Each wall serves a slightly different purpose in the various areas, yet they all benefit from exceptional acoustics, ease of operation and effective finishes that complement the interior design of the rooms. 

Lecturers and teaching staff can decide whether to utilise large open plan areas for bigger classes, seminars or performances. Alternatively, they now have the option to quickly change the space in between classes to host two smaller sessions in each room, running simultaneously and undisturbed.

The final arrangements for the University of Gloucestershire included a DORMA Variflex ML with 53dB Rw acoustic integrity, a writable white board finish and manual operation in the business hub, a semi-automatic DORMA Variflex ML with 55dB Rw acoustic integrity in the nursing hub and a DORMA moveable wall with 55dB Rw acoustic integrity rating, and semi-automatic operation in the performing arts centre.

“It was a real pleasure working with the various architects and contractors for Gloucestershire University,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“A major advantage to the University is that by choosing us as their sole provider of these moveable walls, we can take a holistic approach and find solutions that work across the entire campus rather than looking at each room in isolation.

“We’re also delighted to provide Gloucestershire University with its annual service contracts. These protect its investment with annual service checks and routine maintenance, which deliver years of smooth, trouble-free operation in a very busy student environment, as well as safeguarding the moveable walls’ acoustic integrity.”

Style worked with Architect Austin-Smith and contractor Wilmott Dixon on the Business and Growth Hub, Integrated Architecture and contractor Barnwood General Works on the Nursing Hub and Heath Avery Architects and contractor E W Beard Limited on the Performing Arts Centre.