In many new public buildings, maximising the use of space is of paramount importance and working with architect, Mecanoo Architecten, and main contractor, Carillion, Style was specified to create flexible room arrangements for a variety of uses.

Installing 14 partitioning, folding and sliding walls in total, Style provided the Library of Birmingham with a perfect combination of practicality and panache.

DORMA Moveo glass created room separation with the retention of light and visibility. Moveo, with an American Oak Veneer, offered a distinguished finish blending perfectly with the library’s overall interior design, and Style also provided clean white operable walls and an American walnut finish.

Where privacy was important, acoustic ratings were between 50dB and 55dB and all walls were designed to be effortless to manoeuvre and ideal for each room.

“Moveable partitioning walls are a must for buildings such as new libraries where a multitude of activities are taking place every day,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands.

“It means rooms can be reconfigured very quickly to accommodate different activities and gatherings, enabling the library to offer a far greater range of public services than ever before.”

Moveable partitioning, folding and sliding walls were installed in areas such as the contemplation rooms, studio theatres, the ice cream parlour, a lobby and a gallery.