Within the main gym a solution was required to enable the room to be opened up to its full capacity for certain classes, but divided into two smaller rooms with ease whilst maintaining the integrity and style of a prestige fitness studio.

Working with architects Sanei Hopkins and principal contractors Fileturn, Style was appointed and quickly agreed that DORMA Variflex with a mirrored finish would provide the best solution.

By offering a fully mirrored finish on both sides ensured the fitness studio style was maintained whilst offering maximum flexibility.

“The DORMA Variflex product is a great option when you’re looking for something a bit special,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, “and this demonstrates just how strong the DORMA range is in delivering a stunning finish as well as ease of operation. As a manual operable wall, it is very smooth to manoeuvre which means that anyone from Stars Gym can quickly and easily open it out or close it depending on how they intend to use the room throughout each day.

“Variflex continues to enjoy a high level of specifications,” continued Julian, “mainly because it offers such a wide choice of elements and stacking/parking arrangements."

"It’s also extremely flexible – even when faced with rooms of complex proportions where sloping ceilings or circular spaces have to be accommodated, and the quality of its finish made it the perfect solution for Stars Gym.”