In 2014, St Rollox church was given a compulsory purchase order because it stood in the way of a new road into Glasgow City Council’s £250 million Sighthill regeneration area, forcing the congregation to move out of its old building. 

Since then it has created a new worship centre and community building just half a mile away, with vibrant design and flexible space at its heart. 

Working with architects, Angus Design Associates, and contractor, Project Management & Construction, Style was specified to create multi purpose spaces within the new church. In order to achieve this Style proposed 2 semi-automatic moveable walls in the community areas. 

One moveable wall features double glazed panels that maximises light transfer throughout the buiding and includes pass doors for ease of access coupled with an impressive 50dB acoustic performance. 

This can be used to open up the main church area for large services or activities, or divide the space into two individual rooms for smaller gatherings. The second, solid moveable wall celebrates life with the use of vibrant colours and brings sunshine into the room design.

“The combination of the acoustic, glazed moveable wall and the colourful solid moveable wall are perfect for bringing light and a sense of happiness to this new church,”said David Louden, Style’s director for Scotland. 

“Having flexible space offers huge benefits to the church, as they can run a wide variety of events during each and every day, from prayer meetings through to parent and toddler groups. 

“Thanks to their semi-automatic operation, the acoustic seals on both walls are set at the correct compression which also reduces the chance of damage whilst ensuring acoustic integrity. 

“The end result delivered adaptability, privacy, light and colour - perfect qualities for a modern, vibrant church.” 

Style is the UK’s leading moveable wall specialist, and continues to deliver quality and innovation within some of the country’s most high profile projects, working across multiple market sectors from corporate, education and hospitality through to local authority, religion and health.