Rushton Hall is one of the finest hotels in the Midlands. A magnificent Grade I listed country house hotel in Kettering, Rushton Hall is nestled in 25 acres of immaculate grounds and splendid 16th century surroundings.

Working directly with Rushton Hall and their architects, The Strangeway Partnership Limited, Style was tasked with making the room space flexible, in particular for weddings.

DORMA Variflex was agreed as the most suitable moveable wall for Rushton Hall, and Style installed two separate walls to give maximum flexibility across three rooms, all in a stunning finish to complement the interior design.

During wedding ceremonies in the Library, the Variflex system gives 57dB Rw acoustic privacy from the main function rooms – creating a tranquil and beautiful space for the service, and no disturbance from staff or guests in other parts of the hotel. This moveable wall then opens up completely after the ceremony, creating one open space to incorporate the dining room where guests enjoy the wedding breakfast and speeches.

During this time, the second Variflex seals off the main dance floor, opening up only after the meal to combine the dining room and the main function suite into one.

“The moveable wall solution we installed enables the room to be gradually opened throughout the day,” said Mike Fine, director of Style Midlands.

“At the start of the couple’s special day, the rooms are all sealed off, and as the day progresses from ceremony to meal to dancing the space opens up, giving guests the whole area to enjoy as one expansive space by the evening.

“It’s a really clever solution and perfect for weddings in such a stunning location.”