Working with contractor, Morgan Sindall, and Hampshire County Council’s architects, this was a Council-led design with Style appointed to provide flexible space. On the mezzanine area is a series of meeting chambers, and the aim was to create flexible space whilst maximising the light into the rooms and offering as much visibility as possible.

DORMA Moveo Glass was selected as the most suitable solution, enabling the chambers to be closed into individual rooms, opened up one by one into the foyer, or for all chambers to be opened up producing one large expanse.

“The solution using Moveo offers a feeling of space, as well as maximising flexibility,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “Once in situ, the whole area is very light, it creates a feeling of an open community and the space can be sub-divided with ease whilst offering an excellent acoustic performance with the 50dB Rw rated product.

“In addition, we also installed DORMA Variflex in a white finish into additional meeting rooms which required a different feel and greater privacy.”

“The final solution, utilising the strengths of both products met Hampshire County Council’s requirements perfectly.”