Working directly with NLP at its London office, Style was asked to provide stylish room division in the ground floor meeting area so that two separate meetings could take place concurrently or a larger gathering could utilise the entire space.

With a 55dB Rw acoustic rating, DORMA Moveo® was selected as the best solution, finished in a stylish timber veneer to complement NLP’s interior design. Dorma Moveo® is a new generation of moveable wall incorporating ComforTronic® automatic seals as standard. This enables quick operation and acoustic integrity every time, and the partitioning wall’s lightweight design (50% lighter than conventional moveable walls) makes even large panels effortless to manoeuvre. It also resolves structural issues - particularly with significantly reduced point loads in stacking areas.

“When a moveable wall needs to deliver ease of operation, stylish interior design and superb acoustics, DORMA Moveo is an outstanding choice,” commented Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “With Moveo, you benefit from great versatility. Almost any finish is possible including laminate and polished wood veneers. We can also incorporate acoustic sound absorption boards, magnetic display boards, dry wipe marker, and projection surfaces.

“Where access is required through the moveable wall we can include a full height, end-hinged panel, a single inset pass door or a double inset pass door; the design of the pass doors ensures that the overall acoustic performance of the partition is retained."

“And to top it all, Moveo has an environmental product declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804, making it one of the most sustainable moveable walls on the market.”