With panache, style and attention to detail of utmost importance, when Style was appointed to work with architects, Foster + Partners, and contractors, Mivan, the creation of flexible space was only part of the remit. The finish had to be perfect in order to complement the stunning interior design.

A combination of wood veneer and fabric was used, with stainless steel foot plates on each panel to protect it when operated. Style also incorporated a TEF system, also known as a Flush Telescopic Panel. This gives the moveable partitioning wall a seamless line when in place without any aspect of the wall jutting out to make the final connection; a feature that makes a vast difference when the elegance of a room is vital.

DORMA Variflex was used which has the advantage of the panels being made separate to the frame. This offers far greater flexibility for stunning finishes and means that panels can be easily replaced, either if they are damaged or the interior design changes. This also offers significant cost savings by not having to replace the whole operable wall. Style also incorporated a single and double pass door, inset into the wall for access between rooms when closed.

“We are always proud to be chosen for the very highest specification jobs, when every detail of the moveable wall solution has to be perfect,” said Julian Sargent.

“The hotel sector is a very important market for us and we can offer considerable value to architects, contractors and end-user clients by developing innovative, and also breathtaking, solutions from our extensive product range.”