Working with architects, HAA Design and contractors, Clark Contracts of Paisley, Style was commissioned to provide a solution within the client suites of their Glasgow office that offered flexible space configurations whilst complementing the panache of their office design.

DORMA Variflex was selected as the best solution, with 22 panels installed across 3 walls. Horizontally applied and book matched Elm veneer was chosen as a finish which, coupled with the coloured glass cut outs, produced a stunning look to the waiting area.

“The attention to detail at Maclay, Murray and Spens’ offices is exceptional,” said David Louden, Style’s Director for Scotland, “which is why we deemed Variflex the best option as it not only offers ease of use but there are also no limits to the individual surface finishes that you can incorporate."

“The final solution provided the client with the ability to hold meetings in separate rooms, with a central break-out area, or configure the facility into larger meeting rooms or one large open space for conferences and larger gatherings – all with the smoothness and effortless operation that Variflex is so well-known for.”

According to David Louden, style and flexibility wasn’t the only reason why Variflex was the best choice.

“Access to this 5th floor location was via a narrow staircase, and many products on the market come in a monoblock form which makes manual handling difficult. However, Variflex is assembled on site with frames and cover plates carried separately thus reducing the risk of injury or damage whilst being carried into the building.”