At its European Training Centre in Poole, Style was appointed to work directly with Lush’s team of in-house designers and facility managers to create stylish and practical flexible space. DORMA Moveo was recommended by Style as the best solution, enabling the main training area to be opened up into 1 large facility or divided in 2 or 3 self-contained training rooms.

To enable the walls to be used during training workshops, a magnetic whiteboard finish was applied. A particular requirement by Lush’s interior design team was to maximise the light and, to achieve this, a number of glass panels were integrated into the moveable wall system which allowed natural light to flood into the rooms.

The acoustic performance was also essential, so that training could be carried out undisturbed when the walls were closed, and with a 55dB rating the Moveo wall more than met their requirements.

“Lush is a vibrant, exciting business that has achieved phenomenal success,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director, “and we were therefore privileged to have been appointed by them directly."

“We chose Moveo because it’s an incredibly versatile moveable wall system, and thanks to its semi-automatic seals it is effortless to operate and its acoustic performance is first class – ideal for training rooms and areas where meetings are being held concurrently.”