At the University of Westminster, the Marylebone campus has been completely transformed. Home to the Westminster Business School (WBS) and the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (SABE), a £20m project has provided students with a fresh, vibrant and professional campus in the heart of London.

Flexible space is essential in any educational establishment. At the University of Westminster, Style was specified to install 4 different arrangements to sub-divide space in the coffee shop, an eating platform, a lobby used for multiple activities and the book shop.

Working with contractor, Vinci Construction, and architect, GHM Rock Townsend, a combination of DORMA Varitrans and Moveo Glass met the University’s requirements perfectly; for functionality, flexibility, ease of manoeuvre, the maximising of light and interior design.

Offering clean lines, the greatest use of glass and minimal metal, DORMA Varitrans Metalline was chosen with toughened safety glass. This was complemented with DORMA Moveo Glass, with its semi automatic, comfortronic seals and pass doors.

The combination of moveable walls not only offered flexible, and multiple, use of campus space for varying activities, it also provided a mechanism to securely close off the retail units (i.e. coffee shop and bookshop at night)yet with unimpeded views of the facilities.

“This is not only a stunning installation from a design perspective, it’s also a very practical one,” said Style’s managing director, Julian Sargent. “The Varitrans Metalline system is ideal when you wish to maximise light, have very clean walls that make the very most of the glass, yet do not need to form an acoustic barrier.

“We continue to offer the education sector a vast array of solutions and finishes, from vertically rising partitioning systems which are ideal for stepped lecture theatres through to simple folding walls for village schools. As a result, specifications continue to soar, reflecting the added value we can bring.”