Ivy Asia is an Asian concept restaurant and late-night bar set in the heart of London and is part of The Ivy restaurant and bar chain. 

With panoramic views of St Paul’s Cathedral, Ivy Asia serves theatrical drinks and cocktails late into the night, alongside a delicious menu of tantalising, Asian-inspired dishes. Its vibrant and playful destination entertains, inspires and excites guests from the moment they step inside. 

Part of the restaurant and bar’s offering involves catering for private dining and events, and with this in mind the team from Ivy Asia approached Style to create adaptable space to section off for guest privacy.

To deliver the required flexibility, Style installed a semi-automatic Dorma Huppe Variflex moveable wall offering the ability to quickly create an enclosed dining room for private dining or open up the space to become part of the main restaurant. 

With 38dB Rw acoustic integrity, private dining guests can enjoy an intimate experience in the sectioned off room, while the rest of the bar and restaurant operates as normal.

The operable wall was installed by Style with a priming sheet finish so that the restaurant could decorate it with their own wall graphics to match the extremely stylish, Asian-themed interior design.

“This installation is yet another good example of how a moveable wall can directly impact a business’s ability to maximise revenue,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. 

“By having the option to change the use of the space gives Ivy Asia the ability to cater for events and parties, but open the space back up to maximise the covers in the restaurant when they have no private bookings.

“It also shows how we can install a moveable wall with the freedom for our customers to create their own room design. In this case, the final effect was absolutely stunning as the operable wall blends into the very cool look of this London restaurant and bar.

“The semi-automatic operation of this wall means the acoustic seals will be activated at the push of a button ensuring the optimum acoustic integrity every time, and the wall’s simple operation means it can be moved in and out of position at a moment’s notice.”