As part of its modernisation and extension, partitioning expert Style was specified to install three Dorma Moveo moveable wall systems, delivering flexibility to the space and maximising the opportunities to host a wide variety of events, meetings and conferences.

“The moveable walls replace solid walls and windows,” explains Kim Furness of Duchy Hotels, which owns the Headland Hotel. "The high quality partitioning systems offer excellent privacy between the divided areas and have increased the potential revenue from the lucrative business and wedding events markets."

The moveable walls were installed to the Grand Lounge as part of a significant refurbishment and extension to existing facilities. Replacing a large external window, Style recommended installing a DORMA Moveo glass partitioning wall, ensuring plenty of natural light even when areas are divided.

For added privacy, the partitions are fitted with integrated vertical-rising blinds. This simple, yet brilliantly clever solution, means the blinds rise from the bottom rather than drop from the top, which means privacy can be provided whilst retaining space above eye level for light.

Style also installed two sets of DORMA Moveo partitioning systems, further dividing the Grand Lounge for smaller gatherings. Once each panel has been moved effortlessly into place, these semi-automatic systems activate rubber seals creating a firm seal to deliver a maximum acoustic privacy of 50dB for the glass system and 49dB for the other two.

“The potential business from events is obviously important to the Headland Hotel,” confirms Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director.

“The new partitioning walls represent a good investment in the long term, greatly increasing the number and variety of meetings, private dining events as well as conferences and weddings that they can accommodate.”