At the Berkshire offices of a world leading multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company, Style worked with architects, Perkins and Will, and contractor, Tetris Bluu, to deliver flexible space using four separate moveable wall systems.

As well as having meeting rooms, the company has laboratory space used by approximately 1000 school children a year who visit to learn about science and enjoy the facilities.

A DORMA Moveo system with a stylish blue fabric finish either side of a magnetic white board, offered 55dB Rw acoustic integrity to separate the laboratory into two separate rooms, or open into one large space.

Two larger Moveo systems, in the same design, divided the main meeting room into two or three separate rooms as required – again offering the facility to open it into one expansive open plan space for conferences and larger gatherings.

Finally, a DORMA Moveo Glass moveable wall was installed to secure the lab space from the arrival and café area. This can be opened up when required to give the children access before, during or after educational science classes.

“Here’s a great example of how you can cleverly use space in different ways for different occasions,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “The glass system allows you to see into the lab when you arrive, and lets light into the room giving a feeling of space.

“The combination of magnetic white boards and blue fabric in the lab and meeting areas makes the walls functional as well as practical.

“And thanks to the semi-automatic operation of these walls, they are incredibly simple to move in and out of position and can be used at a moment’s notice.”