A partitioning wall in a family home can transform the living arrangements, offering a choice between open plan and privacy when required.

At a house in Manchester, Style was called upon to design and install a moveable wall to add flexibility and a modern day touch to a newly refurbished kitchen / living room. With a 44db acoustic rating, DORMA Variflex was chosen as the best solution, mainly because it has the added advantage that its panels come separate to the frame. This not only meant the family could choose from a vast array of finishes to meet their interior design but, because they have young children, if one of the panels is scuffed or damaged it can be replaced at the lowest possible cost, with no impact on the rest of the wall.

Also, because panels can be changed relatively easily and a new finish applied, the family had the option to alter the colour or style at a later date if they decided to redecorate.

“Variflex is a great product because it’s so incredibly versatile, provides a wide choice of elements and stacking/parking arrangements and it is effortless to open and close,” said Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the north.

“In this house, the arrangement was relatively straightforward but when you encounter more complex room proportions, where sloping ceilings or circular spaces have to be accommodated, it’s a pleasure to work with.”

“This is a great example of how families can create flexibility within their home,” said Andy. “The final solution in this Manchester residence included a cream white finish, to blend perfectly with the walls, and with such great acoustic protection the family can let the kids watch TV in one room while the adults relax in complete privacy on the other side of the wall.”.