A major global consulting group, with offices in London, had already benefited from flexible space several years ago when Style had installed a fully automatic DORMA Huppe moveable wall to sub-divide one of its conference rooms.

At the firm’s offices in Canary Warf London, Style was specified once again and worked with architect Align and contractor Overbury to install 2 DORMA Huppe Variflex ML100 moveable walls into another of its meeting areas.

The desire was for the meeting room to have enough adaptability to be opened up to create a completely open plan area where seminars, large group meetings and large staff briefings could take place.Alternatively, it could be closed off to create 3 separate rooms for client meetings, staff briefings or smaller gatherings.

Thanks to Style’s installation of the semi-automatic operable wall system, the room can now be quickly converted into 3 meeting rooms, with events being held concurrently and undisturbed due to the incredible 59dB Rw acoustic integrity of both moveable walls.

On the inside of one of the walls, a classy pearl grey fabric finish complements the interior design of the room, and the other side of the panels form a writable white laminate finish so that staff can use the walls as a whiteboard to jot ideas down and enjoy collaborative workspace.

“This global consulting group is yet another example of a business that has previously seen the benefits of flexible space and, as a result, has returned to ask us to add even more adaptability into their offices,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“Flexible office space and collaborative working areas are incredibly popular with companies, where the desire for a more fluid atmosphere and collective working is increasing all the time.

“The writable white laminate finish adds another level of interactivity into the workspace, and thanks to the easy-to-use, semi-automatic operation of these walls the area can be quickly reconfigured to cater for whatever events, meetings or gatherings are scheduled each day.”

Style is the multi-award winning, market leader in moveable partitioning walls. With 4 regional offices across the UK and a showroom in London, the company specialises in creating flexible space across a broad cross section of sectors including corporate, hospitality, religion, education, local authority and healthcare.