16 million cloud users and thousands of organisations rely on Citrix to power a better way to work.

As the pioneer of remote access, their vision is for people to work anywhere and in any way they need. 

At the Citrix offices in Cambridge, Style was specified to create a flexible environment in their meeting room area. 

Working with architect, Gensler, and contractor, Area Sq, Style installed two Dorma Huppe Variflex solid moveable walls with a dry wipe magnetic board and semi-automatic operation.

A further Dorma Huppe Variflex glass moveable wall, also with semi-automatic operation, black RAL 9005 profiles and three pass doors was installed adjacent to the solid walls.

The complete solution offers Citrix staff the ability to section off the meeting area from the main hall, and then further sub-divide the space into small or large meeting rooms. 

When all of the walls are in place 3 smaller meeting rooms are created, and the dry wipe magnetic boards mean these can be used for brainstorming, presentations and note taking.

Alternatively, a combination of 1 large and 1 small meeting room can be created, or just 1 very large space using just the glass moveable wall. The entire space can also be opened up into one open plan area. 

With exceptional acoustic ratings of 55dB on the solid wall and 52dB on the glass, meetings can take place with complete privacy, undisturbed by other events.

“This is an excellent example of how a combination of glass and solid moveable walls can create a really effective mechanism for adaptable office space,” said Steve Williams, sales director for Style Midlands.

“Thanks to the pass doors, access to the rooms is very simple and this also means the glass wall can be left in place for extended periods if desired, creating more of a permanent space. 

“However, due to the semi-automatic operation of these operable walls, they can be opened up extremely quickly so that the entire space can be reconfigured for different events taking place on any given day.” 

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