Sandon Global is an award-winning manufacturer of anilox rolls and cylinders used in the flexographic, lithographic and metal decoration print industries, worldwide.

At its new head office in Runcorn, Style worked with contractor, H Cumberbirch, and architects, 2M2 Studio, to create flexible space between the boardroom and seminar room, as well as in the meeting area.

To achieve this, Style installed two Dorma Huppe Variflex moveable walls with 46dB acoustic ratings, offering privacy during meetings and events.

Each with semi-automatic operation, the moveable walls are easy and light to manoeuvre, and by being semi-automatic it ensures the acoustic seals are applied to the right pressure every time.

Between the boardroom and the amphitheatre-style seminar room, writable white glass was applied on the seminar side, with a Creation Bauman Astra Fabric acoustic absorption surface in the boardroom.

Between the meeting rooms, the moveable wall had a mix of the same acoustic absorbing fabric and writeable white glass on both sides – perfect for hosting brainstorm sessions and workshops.

“This is a really stylish new head office for Sandon Global, and the Variflex moveable walls not only offer them adaptability with their room space, they also complement the interior design perfectly,” said Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the North.

“The 46dB acoustics on both operable walls ensure that meetings, training sessions, workshops and other events can take place undisturbed, and by incorporating a pass door between the board room and the seminar area means the wall can remain in place for longer periods without any access issues. In this instance, its most likely to generally remain in place and be used to open the whole area up for bigger events, whereas the meeting room wall could be used most days depending on numbers.”

Style is the exclusive UK partner to Dorma Huppe offering a complete range of solid and glass moveable walls with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation.

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