Style was therefore proud to have been selected to complete this high profile, premium specification, and demanding fit-out project for the British Olympic Authority – working with interior fit-out contractors, Modus. 

With aesthetic appeal being an essential requirement, as well as the quality of the acoustics, 50dB Dorma Moveo Double Glazed acoustic movable walls were selected, with a semi-acoustic seal operation. 

In conjunction with solid folding wall panels, this provided acoustically-separated meeting rooms, and with double glazed office fronts (laboratory rated to Rw 50dB), they formed a 90 degree corner junction meeting a solid wall panel. 

The final installation offers the ability to divide the meeting area into three separate meeting rooms or open it out into larger conference facilities. 

Dorma Moveo is the new generation of moveable walls which incorporated ComforTronic automatic seals as standard. These moving walls allow quicker operation ensuring the acoustic integrant every time. 

The lightweight design makes even large moving wall panels easy to operate and reduces structural support requirements.

"The solution gives the British Olympic Authority a great deal if flexibility as well as an extremely stylish finish and outstanding acoustics and privacy," said Julian Sargent, Group Managing Director of Style.

"The semi-automatic Dorma Moveo product is also enjoying huge popularity because it is so effortless to operate, and looks stunning. It's one of the reasons we've seen a great deal of demand for it with meeting rooms and conferencing facilities."