The Unite Birmingham project was an exciting development to build a hotel in the city with a conference and education facility.

Working with contractors, Flanagan Group, Style was asked to create adaptable room space in the meeting and conferencing areas, enabling them to be used flexibly depending on events and numbers.

To deliver this, Style installed 2 Dorma Huppe Variflex moveable walls, both in a classic laminate finish to complement the interior design of the building.

With outstanding 55dB Rw acoustic integrity, when the walls are closed meetings and events can take place either side, undisturbed.

The semi-automatic operation of the Variflex moveable walls also mean that the acoustic seals are applied to the ideal pressure each time, with the opening and closing of the walls being simple and effortless

“For meeting rooms and conferencing facilities, the key criteria is for the moveable wall to be easy to manoeuvre so that it can be opened and closed several times a day if necessary,” said Steve Williams, sales director for Style Midlands.

“It also needs to be of very high quality acoustically, because when you are running busy, and often lively, events and meetings either side of the wall you do not want to be disturbed by the activities next to you.

“That is largely down to the acoustic rating of the wall itself, but also down to the quality of the technicians installing it.

“At Style, we survey all rooms where we are installing an acoustic moveable wall to ensure that any flanking is minimised, and we also detail in the site plans where action could be taken to optimise the acoustic integrity.

“It’s all part of a very high quality installation service that ensures the moveable wall perfectly meets our clients’ requirements.”

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