Working with APD architects and main contractor, Overbury, Style was specified to create flexible and practical room configurations giving the conference centre a wide range of applications, from small meetings to large gatherings.

With outstanding 60dB acoustics, DORMA Variflex was chosen as it provides a multitude of benefits.

By installing 6 walls, the Variflex system gives the conference centre a huge amount of freedom to change the sizes of rooms to match its daily requirements, plus the ability to reconfigure space in minutes.

With a high pressure laminate finish, and sections of magnetic white marker board, the walls are chic and stylish, and can be used to write on during meetings and workshops. Over and above this, the acoustic integrity means delegates and students are undisturbed during their meetings, with close to a soundproofed solution in place.

“This is a great example of how partitioning walls can make a conference centre dynamic, changing each day dependent on use,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands.

“DORMA Variflex is a tremendous solution for public areas because, not only is it highly flexible, but the panels are manufactured separately to the frame and, therefore, interchangeable."

“This makes it is easy to change one panel, rather than the whole system in the event of panel damage, or if the interior design of the room changes later on.”