As a 21st century space for learning and research it houses the largest of the University's modern collections on Floors 1-7, including Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. Style was commissioned to sub divide space, offering the University flexibility by turning key meeting and presentation areas into multi-purpose facilities. On the second floor, DORMA Moveo in a white laminate finish with an Rw 55dB acoustic rating was chosen to sub-divide the meeting rooms.

DORMA Moveo Glass was agreed as the best option for the other main meeting and presentation area. With its flush double glazing, 10mm ESG safety glass and circular screen printing this provided a stunning finish, as well as maximum light and privacy. The Moveo panels can be moved quickly, accurately and effortlessly to their designated location. Once the panels are in position the standard ComforTronic® control system automatically extends the sealing strips eliminating the need for any manual winding

“This is a breathtaking building, and an absolute pleasure for us to be involved with,” said David Louden, Style’s Director for Scotland.

"The design and finish is stunning everywhere you look, which was why it was of paramount importance for us to find a solution that would offer both practicality, ease of operation and acoustic performance but also an aesthetic appeal that would live up to the very high standards of interior design."