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Folding Walls

Acoustic Integrity
& Flexibility

Featuring videos of previous installations including a project where two SWG sliding/folding walls were installed to enhance the flexibility and acoustic integrity of a cafe, the videos below show how our range of SWG Stylefold foldable walls have created incredible results in a variety of different spaces.

Walsall Arboretum //.


Espero Vetro //.


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The Press

Our work receives regular mentions in the press. Learn what industry publications and other media sources have to say about our most recent award-winning projects, major new undertakings or our exclusive partnerships and collaborations. Discover the latest articles right here in one place...

Specification Magazine

August/September 2020

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University Business

July 2020

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March - April 2020

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May 2020

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Hospitality Magazine

Jan - Feb 2020

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The Frederick Douglass Centre - Newcastle University

Feb 2020

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