Scottish community hall
Pass door added

At a community centre in Renfrewshire, Scotland (near Glasgow), Style had installed a Dorma Huppe Variflex moveable wall some years ago to enable the hall to be adapted for its day to day use.

Having enjoyed trouble-free, flexible space the team running the community centre decided it would be useful to include a door within the moveable wall so that, when the wall was in place, there could be ease of access between rooms.

Style therefore ordered a Dorma Huppe pass door to precisely match the moveable wall and visited the site to remove the standard panel, where the new door would be fitted, using the drop section in the track.

Style’s moveable wall technicians then installed the pass door panel using the same drop section, placing the old panel in storage for use at a later date, if required.

“This is relatively straightforward fitting for our team,” said Angela McGowan, sales & service manager at Style Scotland.

“We have a UK-wide team of moveable wall experts operating from our offices in Scotland, the north of England, the Midlands and the South, which means we can be on site very quickly if a moveable wall needs additional work done, or is due a service or needs an emergency repair.

“With future savings in mind for this community centre, we put the old panel in storage as there are occasions in public areas where moveable wall panels can be scuffed or damaged and this meant they had one in reserve if this ever happened.

“As a business that leads the way with green, sustainable products we also take our responsibilities towards the environment very seriously, which means we always segregate out all recyclable waste after the work is completed – leaving the room clean and immediately ready for use.”

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