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Moveable Walls

Concourse Suites
Moveable Walls

25 year old moveable walls continue to operate smoothly

At a major exhibition centre, two Huppe (now DORMA Huppe) moveable walls were installed 25 years ago to enable the space to be divided and opened up quickly, catering for daily changes to the use of the room.

As with most products, moveable walls have a lifespan, yet this can be dramatically extended with routine service and timely repairs.

A bit like a car, if treated well and serviced on time, an operable wall will continue to give you trouble-free service far longer than one that has been left unattended since day one.

"This is a great example of where routine servicing and the swift resolution of problems will extend the life of a moveable wall,” said Style’s service and aftercare director, Sjors Kuijs.

The original carriers are still fitted and remain in good working order. Two years ago we were called in as they had a problem with a track junction which Style replaced with a new one, without delay and at very low cost.

It means the relatively small investment made in having Style’s service and repair team on hand has given a significant return, by protecting its longevity.

A wall that isn’t attended to can develop problems over time, resulting in the need for a complete replacement and this is far more expensive.

We would urge anyone with a moveable wall to opt for one of Style’s aftercare support packages – otherwise, it’s the equivalent of buying a car and never getting it serviced or repaired."

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