50 Year Old
Moveable Wall

50 Year Old
Moveable Wall

Style’s technicians bring a 50 year old partitioning wall back to full working order

At a Midlands’ school, a 50 year old partition was meant to act as a screen across the stage, being opened up when the stage was in use. However, the school contacted Style to say that they hadn’t been able to use it for a number of years and were looking to see if it needed replacing, or if it could be repaired.

As a very old, timber moveable wall, Style’s technicians carried out a full assessment to diagnose that the problem was with the rollers along the bottom – many of which had seized due to old age and a lack of regular servicing.

The three options were to have a completely new moveable wall, this being the more expensive choice, to replace some of the seized rollers, yet this could mean that over time some of the others may begin to also seize, or to replace all of the bottom rollers.
Having decided that option three was the most cost-effective and practical, Style removed one of the rollers and sent it to its engineering partner to make 8 new ones. After all, this was a 50 year old wall and no parts were available from the original manufacturer.


“Once the new rollers had been made, our team returned to the school to fit them,” said Darren Suggitt, Style’s operations director for the Midlands.

This was extremely complicated, because our engineers had to work out the wall’s antiquated and tricky stacking arrangement before the wall could be taken down, the new rollers added and the wall fixed back to the top track.

It goes to show the importance of employing leading technicians for this type of work and how a yearly service protects the life of a moveable wall to keep it working.

On this occasion, the school staff are over the moon, not only having saved a fortune but enjoying a working partition again that will serve them for years to come.”

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