Being able to offer the local community a wide range of activities is underpinned by the church’s new movable partitioning wall.

Working with contractor, Whitfield & Brown (Developments) Ltd, and architect, Bradshaw Gass & Hope LLP, Style was appointed to deliver flexible space so that the church could host a number of activities and events concurrently, or open the area out into one expansive space.

With an acoustic rating of 43db, DORMA Moveo Glass was chosen as the most suitable solution, namely because it offered such a perfect balance between privacy (which is achieved with the turn of a key with electronically operated integral blinds) and the maximisation of light and space when the blinds are open.

Separating the cafe and bookshop area, which is also used as an ‘activity space’, the double glazed, 6mm toughened glass gives a modern look to this beautiful building. According to Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the North, Moveo Glass was also specified with consideration for the people who were going to be using it.

“Moveo was chosen as it is lightweight and offers semi-automatic operation, which is a big advantage for the older members of the congregation,” said Andy.

“This means it can be opened and closed effortlessly, is very smooth to slide into position and the semi-automatic seals mean it fastens into place without any need to turn heavy handles."

“We have a great deal of experience of working with churches and this is an outstanding solution that is always received with real acclaim.”