Kadampa Meditation Centre in Earls Court Road, London offers a quiet haven in the heart of Kensington where people from all walks of life come to taste the peace of meditation, discover the practical solutions to life problems that can be found in Buddha’s teachings and meet with like minded people.

Working directly with the client NKT-IKBU, Style was asked to install a stylish and flexible solution to screen off the meditation room, with acoustic integrity and natural light being essential ingredients.

Style recommended a DORMA Moveo glass moveable wall with incredible 50dB Rw acoustics, semi-automatic seals and toughened safety glass. This gives the Kadampa centre the privacy and silence it needs when the wall is in place, whilst maximising natural light.

Easy and quick to manoeuvre, when the wall is not in use the area becomes a complete open plan space for visitors. Stylish manifestations offer an added degree of privacy, with pass doors allowing access when the wall is in place. The glass moveable panels combine with solid elements of DORMA’s Moveo range to create a mixed combination to deliver the best balance between privacy and light.

“By installing a moveable wall at a meditation centre just goes to show how incredible the acoustic integrity of these walls is,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“Having complete silence, and not being disturbed from noise outside, is critical and the Kadampa Meditation Centre was more than impressed with how incredibly effective this glazed moveable wall is at delivering privacy when closed.

“Another advantage is that DORMA’s products lead the way in sustainable solutions with environment product declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804. It means this is not only a highly practical solution, but an ethical one too.”