Holy Trinity is a community of missional disciples from all nations called to transform the city of Leicester and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

These are groups of Christian and non-Christian friends who meet around Leicester to share their lives together and live as missionaries in their communities.

As part of a major refurbishment, Holy Trinity had a desire to create flexible room configurations to allow areas of the church to be segregated for different events and gatherings, and to close off the main church hall when services were taking place.

Working with Axon Architects and Mayway Construction Ltd, Style installed 2 Stylefold folding walls to create flexible room arrangements in line with the church’s needs.

The first installation separates the main church hall from the lounge area; its ease of operation and simple folding mechanism allows organisers to quickly combine the main church hall and the lounge into one large area, or quickly close it off during services once the congregation are seated.

The second installation separates the lounge from the storage room. This folding wall can be used to create one large open plan space, or be closed to provide two smaller areas to cater for different events taking place each day.

Both walls feature 46dB Rw acoustic integrity and offer simple operation so that they can be opened and closed quickly and effortlessly.

“We have carried out a great deal of work in the religious sector,”said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands,” and this is yet another example of how churches can maximise the use of their space by installing folding or moveable walls.

“Many churches are used for a wide range of activities, over and above the religious services. These include coffee mornings, social gatherings, teaching and family events, and thanks to our operable wall solutions the space can be reconfigured many times during the day and used to best effect.

“It also means that churches can, if they wish to, generate income from room hire which brings in much needed, additional revenue.”

Style is the multi-award winning, UK market leading moveable wall specialist, offering a wide range of solutions – from simple manual folding walls through to fully automatic systems.