Darussalam Centre in Southall provides a platform for all Muslims to practically apply Islamic principles and work together for the community’s advancement through the provision of social, educational, and religious services, as well as outreach programs to build bridges of mutual understanding with other communities.

Darussalam Centre serves all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or any other discriminatory factor prohibited by law.

With the centre being used for a multitude of different activities and gatherings every day, flexible space is important and the Darussalam Centre commissioned Style to install nine separate Stylefold 120 moveable walls in the Sisters Prayer Hall on the first floor.

Offering an extensive combination of room configurations, the moveable walls form a grid throughout the vast open plan room, with the option of using them all to create small individual rooms, or a mix of large and small rooms.

“This is a great example of how moveable walls can take a large open plan area and create the flexibility to change it into whatever room arrangement is needed on the day,” said Michael Porter, sales director for Style South.

“Simple and quick to manoeuvre, they can be changed at a moment’s notice and with a 37dB acoustic rating they offer Darussalam Centre the desired level of sound reduction for their requirements.”

Style is the UK’s multi-award winning market leader in moveable partition walls and is the exclusive UK partner to Dorma Huppe, Skyfold and SWG.

Offering a range of manual, semi automatic and fully automatic solutions across a wide range of market sectors, Style works with all requirements and budgets from small community centres to vast conferencing venues.