Of great importance is the requirement for the Clockhouse to use space flexibly as this impacts the centre's ability to maximise the number of activities conducted concurrently and the income generated.

With cost being an important consideration, Style worked with contractors, Crowzon Builders, to find a cost-effective, practical solution to sub-divide space whilst offering acoustic integrity.

Stylefold was selected as the best solution because it offers very strong acoustic separation, is simple and light to manoeuvre and is ideal for frequent daily use.

"At any one time, the Clockhouse staff will quickly need to reconfigure their space to hold, for example, a pilates class in one room while bingo is played in the next," said Julian Sargent, Style's managing director.

"For this reason we chose Stylefold because it is an easy to operate flush acoustic folding wall which can either be hung from a ceiling track or supported by a low profile surface mounted floor track.

"We included an integrated pass door giving ease of access between the rooms when closed, and it has been warmly welcomed by everyone at the Clockhouse because it is effortless to open and close and provides exceptional privacy."