A key criteria was that the building needed a modern civic suite for events and use by the community, and Style was introduced by architects, Archial, and contractor, Hallam Contracts, to deliver flexible space within the main function area.

To maximise the space, offer simplicity of use, and provide excellent acoustic performance, two Skyfold Classics were selected as the most suitable solution.

As a fully automatic, vertically rising folding wall, Skyfold is housed in the ceiling cavity and lowers and rises silently through a simple turnkey operation, occupying no floor space at all.

Offering a 51dB Rw rating, the acoustic performance also more than met the requirements of Melton Borough Council, much to the satisfaction of its Strategic Director, Christine Marshall.

“The Skyfolds are extremely effective from an acoustic point of view and enable us to maximise the flexibility of the space available for conferences and functions. They also are extremely attractive and neatly park in the ceiling void,” said Mike Fine, Style’s Director for the Midlands.

“The benefits of Skyfold are unrivalled in the market place, because as a vertically rising operable wall it folds into the ceiling cavity, which means it is out of sight when not in use without compromising any floor space."

“However, when lowered, it automatically seals itself to the floor and walls, which is what gives it its acoustic performance. It also comes in an extensive range of finishes enabling it to be matched seamlessly into any room design.”