Metropolitan Gaming boasts a wealth of experience in both gaming and hospitality. It is committed to bringing a new perspective to the casino experience and continually innovating to deliver a unique and authentic experience for its guests in each of its individual locations. 

At Metropolitan Gaming in Old Park Lane, Mayfair, London, Style worked with architects, Whitebox, and contractors, Modufit Interiors, to create the facility to section off the main gaming area into a private VIP lounge. 

A glass HSW (Horizontal Sliding Wall) was installed, giving staff the ability to very quickly divide the room into two, sectioning off a VIP gaming area to create a unique experience for clients. 

The moveable wall neatly divides the VIP area away from the main public gaming room, with a lockable full height intermediate door for ease of access. The bronze opaque textured glass allows light to flow through the entire area, but offers the level of privacy required for a private room, and the decorative transom bars bonded onto the glass add perfectly to the room design.

“This manually operated, glass moveable wall offers a truly chic, yet practical solution for Metropolitan Gaming,“ said Michael Porter, Style’s group sales director.

“When not in use, customers enjoy a large open plan gaming area in this very exclusive Mayfair venue. But when a separate VIP lounge is required, away from the public areas, it can be moved into position in a matter of minutes based on client demand.”

Style is the market leading, multi-award winning moveable wall specialist with offices in the South of England, Midlands, North and Scotland, as well as a showroom in London.

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