Founded in 1908, Kingsknowe Golf Club has a custom-built golf clubhouse which dominates the magnificent vista formed by the approach from the course to the 18th green. With an elegant view across north east Edinburgh to the old and new Forth Bridges and the Queensferry Crossing, the clubhouse is home to around 650 members who have successfully married the traditions of golf with a welcoming outlook on what is required for a 21st Century club.

Working directly with the Golf Club, Style was asked to install two folding walls to section off parts of the lounge and bar.

The request was initially for just one folding wall, however after the Golf Club had seen the quality of Style’s work, and the benefits that the flexible space was offering them, they requested the second partition a few months later.

Installing Style’s highly practical Stylefold 900 folding walls, the first wall enables golf club staff to section off a small, private dining room away from the main lounge bar. This is ideal for competitions, visiting societies and other gatherings.

The second wall gives a greater level of privacy when shut, thanks to the internal blinds between the glass, and with both walls offering a 31dB acoustic rating it means events can take place without being disturbed by activities in the main bar.

“Installing two folding walls gives Kingsknowe Golf Club an exceptional level of flexibility,” said David Louden, Style’s director for Scotland.

“They can either leave the entire room as an open plan space, or segregate different areas off for private events.

“The internal blinds on the larger of the two walls offer a greater level of privacy when required.

“After we had installed the folding walls, the golf club added its own manifestation onto the glass.”

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