Working with architect, Stephen George & Partners LLP, and contractor, IMS (Office Fitting and Design), Style was specified to create a flexible working environment in the conference and meeting areas.

DORMA Moveo offered the best solution for the NHS, allowing Style to combine a chic pearl grey finish for one wall combined with glass for three walls, plus pass doors for easy access.

This arrangement maximised flexibility, allowing the meeting rooms to be opened up into one big area or sub-divided into a multiple of larger and smaller meeting rooms.

The glass created an open plan, spacious feel with natural light, however meetings could be held in private (when desired) thanks to integrated blinds.

For added privacy, the solution offered a 50dB acoustic rating for the glass walls, and 55dB for the pearl grey finish, allowing meetings to be held without disturbance from neighbouring rooms.

“This was an extremely flexible arrangement,” said Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the North.

“It not only means the NHS can host a whole multitude of meetings of any size, they can also open up the space completely for larger gatherings.

“This has extensive cost benefits because it avoids the need to hire expensive offsite meeting facilities, it enables more meetings to take place concurrently, and it also means you don’t have to light or heat the whole space when only smaller areas are in use."

“For any organisation seeking to get the most out of their office space, the use of moveable walls is hugely cost-effective.”