Just outside of Nottingham, Netherfield Medical Centre is managed under the business name of Trentside Medical Group.  

Its dedicated team treats minor ailments as well as providing specialist management of long-term conditions, with clinics covering a wide range of healthcare issues. 

Working with contractors, Key Construction, Style was asked to create flexible space in both the medical centre’s ground floor reception area and its first floor staff room. As a result, Style recommended Stylefold folding walls which could be opened and closed with ease.

In the reception area, a key requirement was to divide the main concourse from the health education room and due to the layout of that area Style used two individual end fold screens that met at 90 degrees in the middle.

Upstairs, Style enabled the staff room to be divided into two, as and when required, allowing for meetings and training to take place on one side while staff relaxed during their break on the other. 

Alternatively, both areas, upstairs and down, could be left as open plan spaces when additional rooms were not needed, with the folding walls parked neatly to the side.

With 46dB Rw acoustics throughout, the walls create an effective acoustic screen to offer additional privacy when in situ, and each folding wall was delivered in a clean, clinical white thermopal finish to complement the interior styling of the medical centre.

“Simple, folding walls such as the Stylefold can completely transform the use of a room for a very reasonable budget,” said Steve Williams, Style’s sales director for the Midlands.

“On this occasion, it offers a really adaptable solution to section off the health education area, giving privacy from reception when required.

“As the staff room is used for a multitude of purposes, the installation of a folding wall meant this space could be divided into two at a moment’s notice, opening up options as to how that space is used as well.” 

Style is the exclusive UK partner to Dorma Huppe, Skyfold and SWG offering an extensive portfolio of moveable and folding wall solutions for all requirements and budget.