Located in Oxfordshire, Wolvercote Primary School enjoys a strong partnership with parents and carers. It has talented and committed staff, dedicated governors and, most importantly, energetic, enthusiastic children. Together they work tirelessly to help the pupils be the best they can.

Back in 2015, Style installed a folding wall in one of the school’s classrooms. This proved to be so useful that when the need arose for more flexible space the teaching staff insisted on having the same product again.

Working with architect SixPC and contractor Wensley Group, Style’s team therefore recommended the same Stylefold 120 folding wall but, this time, with an endfold configuration.

Style’s folding walls are supplied in either a centrefold or endfold configuration to accommodate different parking requirements. The endfold parks adjacent to the wall so that the school can enjoy added space when the wall is not in use.

Prior to the new wall being installed, teachers had been hosting lessons side-by-side with no partition, making it difficult to teach due to noise crossover.

Boasting an impressive 46dB Rw acoustic rating, the new folding wall enables the school to run adjacent classes either side, or quickly open the room up into one large space.

Finished in a white melamine board, teachers can also attach pupils’ work, teachers’ notes or any other artwork to the wall, bringing the classroom to life.

“Wolvercote Primary School is a prime example of how folding walls can make a huge difference to the lives of children and teaching staff,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director

“It’s also a reflection of the quality of the advice we give that our team recommended a slightly different solution to last time which worked better within this teaching space.

“Having worked with Wolvercote before, we were delighted to hear how pleased they were with the original installation.

"We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, people, systems and process which is why so many architects, contractors and end-user customers come back to Style time and again.”