Working with main contractors, Balfour Beatty, and architects, Haverstock Associates, Style was asked to deliver flexible space to the school without losing any of the width in the main hall.

Child safety is paramount, which meant consideration also needed to be given regarding exiting quickly if there was a fire.

As a ceiling mounted, automatic partitioning wall, Skyfold was deemed the perfect solution. The beauty of the Skyfold product being that it moves effortlessly and quietly with a simple turnkey operation. And because it is stored in the ceiling cavity, it offers incredibly efficient use of space as no wall pockets are required.

“We were particularly pleased with this installation,” said Efrem Brynin, Style’s Skyfold Product Manager, “because the school lost no space at all in its main hall and we also devised a mechanism whereby the wall was linked to the fire alarm."

“Measuring 15 metres by 4 metres this is quite a large structure, but we introduced a mechanism where if the fire alarm goes off it automatically activates the wall to be raised.This is done without any human intervention, enabling the children and staff to leave the building safely and with ease."