In the new training centre, which was opened in October 2012 by the Countess of Wessex, Style was commissioned to provide a partitioning wall solution in order for the room to be used for different activities or opened out into one expansive training area.

Working with contractor, Pinelog Ltd, a Stylefold 120 Endfold partition system was selected as the most suitable option.

With a silver satin anodised aluminium trim and melamine finish, the final solution offered an Rw 37dB rating – more than meeting the centre’s acoustic requirements.

A pass door was also incorporated to give access between rooms when the partition was closed.

“Stylefold is ideal for this type of activity and training centre,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s managing director, “because it’s a practical, relatively low cost solution that is extremely popular with community centres, schools and places where space needs to be sub-divided quickly and with ease.

“From an installation perspective it’s also very adaptable as it can be hung from a ceiling track or supported by a low profile surface mounted floor track."

“It can be provided as a centrefold or endfold configuration, allowing for different parking requirements and all panels are continuously hinged. It can also be supplied as a fire rated system, if required."

Style is the sole UK distributor for DORMA, Skyfold and SWG offering customers an outstanding portfolio of moveable, partitioning and folding wall solutions to meet all requirements and budgets.

“One of our key strengths,” said Julian, “is that we have such a broad range of products that we can offer impartial advice and determine the best solution every time. The Willow Tree Centre is a great example of this whereby we were able to meet their needs perfectly.”