Working with Amey, led by Kier, Style was specified to enable the school to easily divide their main hall into two areas, or open it up into one expansive space.

Simplicity and practicality, at an affordable budget, were the key criteria for this installation leading to Style recommending Multiroll as the best solution.

As a partitioning wall, Multiroll is activated by the simple push of a button. Mounted either in a beam area of a roof or invisibly fitted between a suspended ceiling, it can be installed as a laterally guided partition, stepped partition or safety curtain. Ideal for sport halls in schools and leisure facilities, this partitioning wall system has the option to be fitted with sound absorbing non-woven fabric providing noise insulation, shorter reverberation times and improved voice audibility.

“This is a great solution for Leominster primary school,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands.

“It’s effortless to open and close, provides a very safe environment for children, comes in a multitude of colours and is not only a very stylish solution but a hugely practical one too."

“Dividing space has a whole range of benefits to schools, not only enabling them to use their space more efficiently but also by not having to heat and light large rooms when only part of them is needed.”