Bohunt School in Wokingham opened in 2016 and is run by the Bohunt Education Trust (BET) - a dynamic learning community whose ethos is encapsulated by three simple words: enjoy, respect and achieve. 

Learning is engaging and challenging and Bohunt’s blend of academic rigour and holistic development has been central to a drive to develop its young people into ‘game changers’, with the skills, qualities and drive to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

As part of a £25 million project, Style was specified to create a flexible room configuration in the main hall in this new, state-of-the-art secondary school. In order for this installation to work the contractor, Dawnus Construction Holdings, had a specific requirement to have a narrow stacking mechanism in order for the operable wall to fit in with the room’s structure.

With this in mind, Style worked with Dawnus Construction and architects, Re-Format LLP, to install a DORMA Variflex operable wall that divides the hall on the ground floor of the building. This particular moveable wall features panel widths that can be as minimal as 976mm wide including inset pass doors, as opposed to the standard 1200mm wide for other moveable wall systems. It means that when the wall is not in position, it fits into a small pocket at the side of the room giving added discretion and improved aesthetics.

With an acoustic rating of 55dB Rw, one side of the room can be used as a refectory while on the other side teachers can host smaller assemblies, indoor activities or use the space for PE, music and dance classes uninterrupted. Alternatively, when the wall is not in position it offers one large open-plan area where staff can host large assemblies, parents’ evenings and other events. 

The DORMA Variflex moveable wall is finished in a classic white melamine that complements the interior design of this chic, modern building. 

“This is a great example of where we work very closely with both the contractor and the architect to meet very specific requirements,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“Dawnus Construction were very clear that we needed to supply a moveable wall that had very thin panels, which is something that the DORMA Variflex features.

“This requirement was essential due to the very narrow stack niche at each end avoiding the structural steel uprights at the stack openings, making it an essential aspect of the installation and something we were pleased to adhere to.”