Birmingham University has been challenging and developing great minds for more than a century. The University’s Edgbaston campus is set in 250 acres and has all the facilities of a busy town. Lawns, mature trees and walkways contribute to the peaceful atmosphere and make the campus a wonderful place for students.

In one of the I.T training rooms a writable white board was required, but only for use from time to time, and by talking to Style a unique solution was agreed. An SWG folding wall was suggested, not to sub-divide space, but to put in place as and when needed coated in a writable surface so that it could be used as a white board.

To complement the interior design of the room, a ‘pure white’ folding wall was deemed too stark and so a blend of two different tones of brown created a stunning effect; the middle section being a writable board where the lecturer could write notes, draw diagrams and communicate with the students.

“This is an ingenious variation to our core business,” said Mike Fine, director for Style in the midlands. “Normally our walls divide a room into 2, however on this occasion this wasn’t the objective.

“The I.T room benefits from ample natural light thanks to a wall length window at the front and the University didn’t want to lose this – however they did need to find space for a white board.

“By installing a very simple but effective SWG folding wall, we could give them the flexible solution they needed and they can open it and close it with ease to cater for the teaching requirements on the day.

“Seeing it in place, we would definitely encourage other Universities, colleges and schools to consider something similar as its resulted in a really great solution by adapting a folding wall for a very different use.”